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It may be unusual for prayer to be addressed at a doctor’s office, but the founders of Zion Urgent Care, Dr. Teddy and his wife Mercy, believe prayer is more than a form of worship and expression; it benefits the mind, body and soul. 

Dr Teddy and his wife Mercy believe it is God’s calling to provide spiritual care to those who are sick. They are both active members at their local church Grace Fellowship United Methodist church main campus in Katy, Texas and Mercy is a leader in the prayer room of the Church. 

Dr. Teddy and Mercy would like to pray for patients on request in the prayer room, whenever they are available to do so. Although neither Dr Teddy nor Mercy have professional counseling certification, they are happy to provide this additional service free of charge to anyone who requests it, regardless of religion. 

Benefits of Prayer

Fights Depression

Prayer gives us a more positive outlook, combating feelings of hopelessness and reducing the risk of developing depression.

Improves the Immune System

Studies have shown prayer can prevent people from getting sick — and when they do get sick, prayer can help them get well faster.

Gives Peace of Mind

Prayer allows us to reach a state of relaxation and calm. When we pray, we give our worries, stress, and any other negativity to a higher being. When we give up our problems, the burden is transferred and we gain peace of mind.

Decreases Blood Pressure

Various stressors contribute to high blood pressure – anger, lack of sleep, feeling overworked, poor health, etc. Say a prayer and watch your blood pressure decrease.

Sense of Well-Being

Scientifically, when we pray, the “happy hormone,” dopamine gets released, activating feelings of happiness and joy. Prayer establishes and maintains our sense of well-being. If you want to be healthy in all areas of life – physical, emotional and mental – then pray more.

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