Travel is one of life’s great pleasures. Many people love visiting exotic places, meeting new people, learning about new cultures and eating different foods. Fortunately, many common travel destinations don’t require any extra medical preparation. However, the scout motto of “Be Prepared” can certainly apply to international travel, in terms of making sure you and...
Humans are social animals. For much of history, people lived in large, multi-generational family groups, stayed close to where they were raised and communicated in person. Modern society, technology and culture have changed all that. Now it’s much easier to feel isolated despite the constant connection that technology provides. This digital connection without ACTUAL connection...
Longer days and warm weather bring lots of opportunities for summer fun. Incorporate these four ideas into your family’s daily habits and you will be all set for a season of health and happiness! Eat Berries Every Day If you do one thing this summer to improve your diet, have a cup of mixed fresh...

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