Medical Worries That All Parents Will Face

Being a parent means constantly being poised and prepared for something to go wrong. This could mean a broken plate, a scraped knee or something much more serious. Here are some of the most common parental emergencies and how to handle them.

  1. Fever 
    If your child is younger than 90 days old, urgent care should be sought out if he or she has a fever above 100.4 degrees F. For children 90 days to 36 months, you should get them to a doctor if their fever is 102.2 degrees F or higher, or if the fever is accompanied by  a rash, vomiting, difficulty waking up to feed, difficulty breathing or inconsolable, non-stop crying.
  2. Sick Days
    Five out of every six children will get at least one ear infection before turning three while almost 40% will have had three separate ear infections by that time. Pink eye is common for children and kids catch more colds than adults. Sick days are going to happen more often than you’d like. If your child is sick with one of these issues, take them to your local urgent care center for an evaluation.
  3. Sprained Ankles and Abrasions
    Another time you should visit an urgent care center is in the (inevitable) event that your young one twists an ankle or falls while at recess.
  4. Broken Bones
    As your children explore the world around them, they may end up with more than a few bumps and bruises. In fact, it’s probably safe to say your children may end up breaking more than one bone in their adventures. If or when that happens, don’t hesitate to visit your local urgent care clinic. We are here for life’s little emergencies.

Parenting can be a wild ride. While it’s likely that you’ll run into more than a few of these emergencies during your career as a caregiver, know that you have all the resources you need to keep your children safe.

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