Back to School

As summer winds down and everyone gets back on their school-year schedules, here are some simple ways to ease the transition from the freedom of summer to school routine.

  1. Get a Check Up
    Making sure you and your family start the new season in the best of health is important. Many sports and schools require exams and vaccination records, so getting the whole family checked and paperwork filled out before school starts will facilitate a successful start to the new academic year.
  2. Re-Start Good Sleep Habits
    Long summer days often mean that you and your children stay up later than usual. And when they can sleep later in the morning, it’s not usually a problem. But once the early mornings of a regular routine begin, it’s important to “get your child started on his school sleep schedule at least a week before school starts. Children should get 8-10 hours of sleep every night, so count back from when they need to wake up to find the right bedtime.”, according to Harvard Health Publishing.
  3. Plan Healthy Meals and Snacks
    Good nutrition boosts productivity, promotes wellness and keeps you focused. Building healthy snacks into your meal planning keeps your energy levels steady and prevents afternoon crankiness, tiredness and sugar cravings. Ensure that everyone is eating enough protein, fruits and vegetables with intentional meal planning.
  4. Kids Need Activities, but also Downtime
    Sports, music lessons, school clubs and homework keep kids (and parents) more than busy. Building downtime into the daily routine can ease stress, create opportunities for family bonding and help your child relax, sleep better and be more focused at school.

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